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Newberg City Council

  • Occupation: Law Enforcement

  • Occupational Background: Police Officer, City of Portland, 2005-Present; Police Officer, City of Tigard, 1999-2005; United States Navy, Intelligence Specialist, 1995-1999

  • Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Management

  • Prior Governmental Experience: None

For 27 years, I have served my country and local community. Now, I will stand up for Newberg. I bring problem solving experience in dynamic situations, conflict resolution, and a robust understanding of public safety.

I will work tirelessly to ensure that your government is responsive, equitable, and transparent to the people it serves. I promise to be available and accountable to the community. I am committed to restoring a fiscally responsible approach that prioritizes the citizens of Newberg. I will ensure these resources will benefit you, the people of Newberg, and not just special interests.


  • Focus on improvements to infrastructure

  • Work to improve our downtown for pedestrian mobility to promote a safe and inviting atmosphere for all.

  • Housing costs have created a livability issue; the solution is not to promote living in a car or tent. We need leadership and planning to identify housing and costs, not narrowly tailored and risky policies that make housing problems worse.


  • Make Newberg a destination for wine enthusiasts, dining, and shopping.

  • Examine our System Development Charges and planning policies with the goal of reducing fees and processes for all construction.

  • Incentives to attract new businesses and be more responsive to existing businesses to make our downtown more vibrant and welcoming.

Public Safety

  • Ensure our community has the services it needs from TVFR and our Police.

  • Ensure Police have the best training available.

  • Additional services to the Newberg School District, to include providing more School Resource Officers, to make a positive impact on our youth and enhance school safety.

I am Committed to Serve

Vote Derek Carmon for City Council


  • Brian Casey, Chief of Police (Retired)

  • Jim Ferraris, Chief of Police (Retired)

  • Representative Jessica George

  • Mary Starrett, Yamhill County Commissioner

(Information furnished by Derek Carmon)

  • Occupation: Retired, Current Newberg City Councilor

  • Occupational Background: Human Resources Director, George Fox University, 1994-2015; Human Resources Representative, Hewlett Packard, 1977-1989

  • Educational Background: George Fox University, Business-Economics, B.A. Magna Cum Laude

  • Prior Governmental Experience: Newberg City Councilor, Precinct Committee Person

I am committed to focusing on public safety, quality of life, support for local businesses, careful spending of your tax dollars, and transparency.

Newberg named one of the ‘Safest Cities in Oregon’

Working with the dedicated men and women of the Newberg-Dundee Police Department, I’ll continue to prioritize public safety and promote local Youth development opportunities for at-risk kids.

Quality of Life

Choices we make now matter. With vigilance and careful decision-making by local government we can safeguard Newberg’s future.

Support Local Economy

Newberg is home to a world-class University, internationally known industries, a health care giant and many small businesses. I’ll champion all our valued employers and encourage robust collaboration with all of them.

Hold the Line on Spending

Every dollar government spends is a dollar taken from you, the taxpayer.

I’ll continue to scrutinize the City’s spending of your tax dollars.

I’m the only candidate in this race with the coveted Taxpayer Association of Oregon endorsement.

Housing Shortage

Oregon’s land use laws, with local regulations, taxes and fees have made home ownership unaffordable for many. As your City Councilor, I’ll look at all City development charges and see where we can reduce costs for builders to provide more affordable housing.


I’ll collaborate with State and County partners to address homelessness for residents who are ready for “a hand up” without making Newberg a magnet for homeless from other areas.


Citizens should expect timely, forthright communication from city officials.

Standing up for Newberg Families

Vote Peggy Kilburg for City Council


  • Brian Casey, Chief of Police, Retired

  • Lindsay Berschauer, Yamhill County Commissioner

  • Mary Starrett, Yamhill County Commissioner

  • Kathy George, Former Yamhill County Commissioner

  • Jessica George, State Representative, District 25

  • Marc Willcuts

  • Jim Foster, Dean of Behavioral and Health Sciences, George Fox University, Emeritus

  • Jack Lyda, Major, Retired, United States Air Force Pilot


  • Taxpayers Association of Oregon

(Information furnished by Peggy Kilburg)

Robyn Wheatley

  • Occupation: Small Business Owner; Wholesale International Sales, 2013-present

  • Occupational Background: Retail Manager

  • Educational Background: A.B. Business Administration - PCC; Newberg High School

  • Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person

Having successfully grown her business and raised four children, Robyn’s attention has turned toward public service. She is known for her optimism and energy, and is a lifelong resident of the Newberg-Dundee area.

Neighborhood Safety

Robyn is the choice for funding local police and restricting the use of public dollars that attract transient populations from big urban areas to Newberg.

Budget Ethics and Responsibility

Safety, transportation, and public works are priorities. Robyn will always ensure these basic needs are met. With appropriated funds, Robin will favor essential city services over controversial items.

Importantly: Robyn will guide the Council to re-establish transparency with the Budget.

Livability of Newberg

Small towns in the northwest have been faced with unprecedented challenges, and it is important Newberg retains its identity as a charming and locally-conscious community.

Families should always feel welcome and safe in Newberg, and proud to call it their home.

Housing and Affordability

Robyn maintains that the American Dream is still alive, and Newberg should not feel forced to over-invest in extra high density housing. She believes residents appreciate our current small town feel.

Attracting higher-paying businesses to Newberg with their jobs, and improving our quality of life is a much more responsible pathway toward affordability.

“This community is very close to my heart. Family is the most important part of my life, and I will use that as my lens. The safety and livability of Newberg should be on all our minds, and I will ask: ‘How will this affect families:’”

- Robyn


  • Taxpayer Association of Oregon

  • Oregon Small Business Association

  • Commissioner Mary Starrett

  • Former Police Chief Brian Casey

  • Councilor Mike McBride

  • Former Police Sergeant Mark Cooke

(Information furnished by Robyn Wheatley)

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